What is your social media?

You can find me on these platforms:

I am most active on Instagram and that is the best place to connect with me. I hope to start a YouTube channel in the near future.

Where can I buy your art?

I run a shop on Etsy, that is the easiest place to purchase my art. I sometimes will sell items exclusively on my Instagram.

Do you take commissions?

I only take a small amount of commissions at a time. You can check below if commissions are open and to see if there are any spots open.

The buttons above will take you to my contact page. If the button says OPEN, then there is a commission slot available and you can email me with the information below. You will receive an email back as soon as possible with confirmation on whether your commission request was accepted or not. Please know that I am allowed to reject commissions if I see them as offensive or uncomfortable. Also be aware that while the slots above say "OPEN", I may have just gotten a request before yours and I haven't gotten a chance to update my availability.

Please contact me with the following information:

Medium/Style: Watercolor painting on paper, ink illustration on paper, digital illustration (NOTE: Oil or Acrylic paintings are not available for commission)

Subject: Ex. Human or animal portrait, logo, tattoo design, etc.
Design preferences: Ex. Your favorite colors, flowers, patterns, etc.
Size: Ex. 8x10
Time: Please tell me when you need this commission done. Ex. in 3 weeks, by September 21st, etc.

Your location: Ex. U.S.A., Norway, Argentina, etc.
Extra info: Please include any reference photos or any details you'd like for me to know or include.


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